Dates: 23 September ~ 22 October
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Libra Horoscope Today

Saturday: October 31, 2020

You could find a great deal of comfort in your daily routine today, so embrace the sameness and don't try to change things just for the sake of it. What might seem dull and boring to other people you find interesting and rewarding. All your confusion is starting to clear up. This is the time to revel in your accomplishments and savor the success. The people who crave constant action are the people who aren't happy with themselves.

Libra Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: November 01, 2020

You and someone important need to have a serious talk, and fast. You know it and they know it. The good news is that you can both arrange it, no matter how last-minute the requests. If you choose just the right moment, turn on the charm and ask nicely. There isn't any bad news. You may have some hoops to jump through when you get back, but you'll be in such a good mood that it won't matter.

Libra Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: October 30, 2020

You're going to want to watch the action from the sidelines now. You need to avoid getting too involved in the games people are playing. Even if the main players want your insight, you don't have to share more than you're comfortable sharing. Saying too much could get you in too deep. Besides, there's nothing wrong with holding onto your hard-earned knowledge. Any romance you have is easygoing right now, with low-pressure situations that make you comfortable.


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