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Libra Horoscope Today

Monday: August 10, 2020

It looks like that issue you were worried about will turn out to be nothing, so get ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief! This wonderful release of tension should keep you smiling all day long and make more than a few people notice how cute you are when you're happy. Take this feeling of freedom and put it to good use. It's a great time for a spontaneous adventure. Get your partner to join you if you can.

Libra Horoscope Tomorrow

Tuesday: August 11, 2020

Are you in the midst of a tug-of-war for power? If so, it might be wise to let go of your end of the virtual rope and walk way. Being so embroiled in this battle is forcing you to lose sight of other, more important aspects of your life. You can't get distracted by one thing at the expense of everything else. You can achieve balance, so figure out what really needs your attention and what doesn't. Put people higher on your priority list.

Libra Horoscope Yesterday

Sunday: August 09, 2020

It's all about using your creativity today. Take something you aren't happy with and try to imagine it in a new and improved form. Visualizing the way you want things to be is the first step toward making things better. Once you know the way you want things to be, you can start taking action to make them that way. Don't forget to share your plans with people who always know how to boost your confidence. They will give you the right kind of motivation to get going!


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