Dates: 23 September ~ 22 October
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Libra Horoscope Today

Tuesday: January 26, 2021

You are more attractive than you realize, and someone is going to make it their job to help you understand that today. Be happy and gracious when someone calls you beautiful. You should believe them. After all, why would they lie? Your self-esteem has been taking a hit lately, mostly because you're listening to the tiny voice of doubt in your head. Stop it! Those voices are full of lies.

Libra Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: January 27, 2021

Your famous sense of fairness and equality is stronger than ever today, and it could cause you to speak up despite your discomfort. Who cares if you draw attention to yourself? Everyone else in the room needs to hear what you're saying. You know what is right, and you shouldn't let arbitrary politics or outdated rules of etiquette keep you from crying foul when someone goes out of bounds.

Libra Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: January 25, 2021

Are you ready to make the switch from talking just to hear yourself talk to having quality, meaningful conversations? Because that’s your main objective now. The cosmos is helping you expand your mind and making you curious about anything and everything. And your social life increases as you make more of an effort to get to know people. This could be a busy next few weeks, so enjoy it!


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