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Wednesday: December 12, 2018

Some bittersweet episodes from your past are on your mind today. You're in a very reflective phase right now, and if you encounter reminders of what you've been through, you don't have to apologize for feeling a touch of melancholy. This may sound odd, but if a blue mood hits you today, don't try to cheer yourself up. You certainly shouldn't wallow in misery -- but do let yourself feel your feelings, and don't try to hide them.

Libra Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: December 13, 2018

It's the little achievements that mean the most to you right now, because they offer you an immediate reward and a healthy ego boost. Keep thinking that it's all about quantity, and tackle as many things as you can today. Your multitasking abilities will kick into high gear and carry you through all the unorganized information you get today, so don't worry about getting overwhelmed. The universe isn't testing you, it is letting you run at a full gallop!

Libra Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: December 11, 2018

In your opinion, someone is wasting time exploring lofty ideas when he or she should be hard at work making practical things happen. But today you should perhaps take a page from this person's lesson book -- spend a little less time with your nose in your work, and a little more time with your head in the clouds. Thinking big thoughts is important, and you need to find time every day to fit some in. Ignore reality and practicality for a while, and think about what-ifs.


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