Dates: 23 September ~ 22 October
Libra Background


Libra in Health

The sign of Libra horoscope rules the kidney, skin, lumbar region, buttocks, adrenals and vasomotor system, lower back and ovaries. Hence they need to be careful about these parts of their body as they will give them maximum health problems. Otherwise Librans have a healthy life.

Librans are ruled by the planet Venus, which rules skin, hair, throat, kidneys and veins. Librans have very good and pleasing physical features with sharp bone structure, smooth skin etc. However if they overwork themselves, then they suffer from body pain and exhaustion, especially in the lower back. Since they are very balanced people, they will try to maintain a good balance in their health as well by taking care of their diet, exercise, physical and mental activity.

They have a very sensitive skin which causes them constant trouble; hence they need to take proper care of their diet, sleep, alcohol intake etc. They need to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks as much as possible. They are fond of rich and sweet foods, which may not be very good for health, so they need to check its intake.


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