Dates: 23 September ~ 22 October
Libra Background

In Love

Libra in Love

Librans do not lack opportunities in love. Their magnetic and charming personality will attract members of their opposite sex without them putting much effort into it. They are also very flirty, which further enhances their chances in matters of love and relationships. They are very friendly, caring, easy going and attractive and people will not be able to resist them. They have a constant yearning for love and care which make them search for love, and luckily they do not have to try too hard to find a partner for them.

In relationships they can be very caring, understanding and accommodating. They respect their partner and their needs and will never try to impose their love on anyone. In relationships they believe in long term commitments rather than short flings. They are very romantic and affectionate and will leave no stone un-turned to make their partner feel their love. They are dedicated in their relationships and take it seriously. Most of the time they are not single, they will easily find a partner for them. Since they are flirty their partners might think that they are not serious and just a player; however it is the exact opposite.

Some of the most compatible zodiac signs for Libras are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius. A Libra is an ideal partner who will do anything to make you feel in love and to keep you happy. They value their relationships and are always ready to go that extra mile to keep it safe and sound. They try to avoid conflicts in relationships as much as possible. They are peace loving people who want to have some good time with their partners


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